Sen Sawan | Thai Massage

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Our masseuses studied in the best school famous Thai temple Wat Pho in Bangkok. Thai massage is known worldwide as medicine and yoga therapy hands. Thai massage has been practiced for centuries. Thai massage is suitable for clients of all ages. Thai massage involves a combination of yoga and acupressure work on energy channels. Thai massage to get rid of back pain, headaches, and is extremely beneficial for the development of movement and muscular system.


Thai massage is a name for acupressure treatment method and work on energy lines concerning stretching of the body. This method has been practiced in Thailand for centuries. In Thailand got together with Buddhism, Thai massage has incredible therapeutic results, promotes circulation, develops muscle tone and flexibility. In many cases, such as revised muscles, fatigue, stress, headaches, can properly led ty Thai massage can play the key role in repairing damaged tissues. Thanks to these great benefits, Thai massage is increasingly popular around the world. Thai massage is beneficial for those who feel stiff, sore, tired, overworked or strained during sports or due to other diseases that affect mobility. In this case, Thai massage will help return the lost range of motion.